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Why Miguel our man in Manila can help you!

Why Miguel our man in Manila can help you!

Why Miguel our man in Manila can help you!

If you live in Asia and have made enquiries about emigrating with the help of Visa Solutions Australia, chances are that you will have spoken to the newest member of our team Miguel Timan, or as he prefers to be called - Migs.

Miguel is based in Manila in the Philippines and joined the company in November 2015.  Manila is on the same time zone as Perth, so Miguel can Skype and email the office very easily and enjoys the variety of his work.

 “I deal with a lot of enquiries which originate in India, the Philippines, and South Africa, even Eastern Europe. There are emails every day from people who are thinking of migrating to Australia.  I answer any queries and do background case work which involves analysing their needs and requirements before passing their file on to our dedicated Registered Migrant Agent Andrew Emmott.”

Why Filipinos are drawn to the Aussie climate

At the age of 28, Miguel already has an impressive background in immigration and visa services.  He was employed by IBM as a Mobility Officer, helping IT specialists and other staff relocate from one country to another.  He also worked at the New Zealand Embassy in the Philippines where he managed to brush up his English skills to near perfection. So why are so many people interested in coming to Australia?

“For the Filipinos who have a good grasp of English, one of the biggest pulls is the health care system as there is no public medical system in the Philippines.  Believe it or not but the Filipinos don’t like intense heat.  They like the Australian temperate climate where they are guaranteed warmth in the summer months and cooler winters.  Another plus is that Australia is not too far away from their home country so it is an easy transition and it has a big migrant community which makes it more appealing for outsiders to adjust.”

Outside of work Miguel enjoys movies, television reading and exercising. 

The attraction of student visas

Miguel loves his job and the variety of the role. He says from one day to the next you never quite know who you’ll be talking too.  Visa Solutions Australia has many contacts and agents throughout the world.  At the moment he is seeing a lot of interest from Indians who are very keen to move to Australia.

“Many of our potential clients are those from India who want to come out on student visas.  Asians realise that an Australian education is superior to other countries and are prepared to pay to study here. Fees for University are not cheap but Asians have a tight knit family and if funds are an issue they usually borrow from relatives.  They know that long term a student visa could open up other pathways – such as permanent residency after graduation.” 

If you’re thinking about emigrating to Australia or want to explore different visa possibilities, make sure you contact Visa Solutions Australia. Miguel and the team will guide you through your options.

So don’t delay ring Visa Solutions Australia today on +61 8 9328 266.

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