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Meet Fizah Ismail, our new Migration Agent dedicated to getting results

Meet Fizah Ismail, our new Migration Agent dedicated to getting results

Meet Fizah Ismail, our new Migration Agent dedicated to getting results

Visa Solutions Australia is pleased to welcome new Migration Agent Fizah Ismail who has joined our Como office.  She brings a wide depth of knowledge and skills and understands the migration industry inside-out.  Fizah has a great deal of drive and commitment and is strongly motivated by a genuine passion to create solutions for people.

Her own personal migration story

Fizah is originally from Singapore and came to Australia to be with her father and other members of her family who moved out here in 2000.  He ran a restaurant in Busselton and was always trying to get permanent residency.  His experience provided a valuable insight into the migration process.

“It took my Father ten years to go from visa status to residency, it took such a long time as he tried to do the process himself.  He didn’t have a great deal of knowledge in this area and it was extremely frustrating for him, so I have seen the pitfalls first hand of trying to submit an application on your own.  This prompted me to get into the industry.”

Fizah started her career within migration as an administration assistant and then became a liaison officer providing expert advice to help clients achieve their goals.  She has a drive and passion to get cases resolved.

 “There is nothing more satisfying than telling a client that they have been granted visa status. When I break the news to them, they usually laugh or cry tears of joy over the phone. I couldn’t ask for a more rewarding career.”

Satisfying career

One of her most memorable cases within her career was when a Malaysian woman applied unsuccessfully over a three-year period for a partner visa so she could be with her husband, an Australian citizen and needed expert assistance.  Fizah is mindful that at the core of every visa application is an individual.

“This woman desperately wanted our help to so that she could be legally be with her partner.    She had been on a roller coaster journey and was extremely anxious.  The case went to tribunal and we were successful.  It wasn’t a straightforward case but she was so elated when the notification came through.”

Fizah has had lots of dealings with the Immigration Department and understands the sensitive nature of some applications.  She has plenty of experience in both corporate and family cases.

Outside of work, she enjoys sea fishing and would love to visit more countries.

“I have never been to New Zealand so would like to visit there, and also Japan and Europe.”

Fizah is a great asset to Visa Solutions Australia and focuses on delivering exceptional service.  If you’d like to discuss your requirements, ring Fizah today on + 61 8 9328 2664 or 1800 828 008.

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