Introducing RMA Keeny Lee

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Introducing RMA Keeny Lee

Introducing RMA Keeny Lee

Kuan-Hua (Keeny) Lee is Visa Solutions Australia’s newest team member. Keeny joined Visa Solutions in 2020, commencing in an admin role prior to her current role of Registered Migration Agent.

Originally from Taiwan, Keeny migrated to Australia in 2004 as an international student. Since her arrival in Australia, Keeny has pursued careers in teaching, recruitment, sales and marketing. 

Why did Keeny Choose Migration?
While working in her marketing and admin role at IDP Education, she encountered many international students who were looking to migrate to Australia and were unsure of where to start. Having been an international student herself, she felt she could be empathetic to the needs of these students and help them navigate Australia’s Immigration system which can at times be complicated. As a proud Australian citizen, it pleased her to help others in their migration journey. As time progressed, she worked in migration for various companies before joining Visa Solutions. Keeny loves her job at Visa Solutions where she generally deals with Employer Sponsored visas. As Visa Solutions client base consists of corporate and individual clients, Keeny is exposed to various cases and loves that every day is different and interesting and gives her the opportunity to keep learning. 

And When She’s Not Working?
Keeny considers herself a foodie and often enjoys brunch with friends on the weekend. While she has a love of food, she confesses she is not much of a cook, much preferring to dine out. She also loves outdoor activities and will often go for big walks around Sydney. As someone who appreciates different cultures, Keeny loves to travel and is saddened she is unable to do so at the moment. Her all-time favourite destination is Greece, and of course her home country, Taiwan, holds a special place in her heart. Keeny has a dog too, a Moodle called Taco. Given Keeny’s love of food, it comes as no surprise that her dog is named after a popular food!

If you would like to contact Keeny or any other member of the Visa Solutions teams call 1800 828 008.

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