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Other Visa Services

“Whenever I think of you, I imagine a line, a white line painted on the sand that takes my thoughts across the ocean to you.”

Visitor VISA

This visa is for persons travelling to Australia for holiday, social, business or recreational reasons, and for visiting friends and family.

Retirement Visa

This visa is when you stop living at work and start working at living the Australian lifestyle.

Student VISA

This visa allow individuals to study, live and gain some work experience in Australia.

Resident Return VISA

The Australian Permanent Resident visa need to be renewed every five years. The method of renewal has changed drastically over the years.

Australian Citizenship

Embrace all there is about being Australian.

Hear their story

"I came to Australia because of my parent and to pursue better education for a better future for myself. I would recommend other children to come to Australia because it has a good education system, extremely safe and opportunities not available in your home country."

Tornam Successfully migrated to Australia in 2015.
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Thanks VSA – sounds like a win-win all round! I would like to add that this outcome could not have been achieved without your attention in this matter, firstly in your initial follow-up; and then in the detailed documents and response when requested yesterday. This is an example of the professionalism which enhances our working relationship with RMAs, and ultimately benefits our clients. Thanks again.


Firstly, me and my family are very grateful for the work and effort you extended to me during the period of the processing our Residence Visa. From the initial contact, I had been assisted wisely on the options that I have to take up to the very challenging part of securing my Chinese Police Clearance, where I described it as if I was pressed against the wall already. You were always there when I needed most of your assistance. You all put in extra effort to assist and guide me through till the goal of our visa was achieved and that makes your service a very special one.

Carlo Camon

Thanks VSA team! Excellent work and thanks for informing us immediately. Thanks for your effort all. Cheers!

Steve, Moved to Australia in 2015

VSA were a joy to work with during my migration to Australia. During the start they were kind enough to give us an understanding of the application process and the options available to us. With VSA's help I got my visa on time and without any complications!

Arnie Verghese

VSA have helped me immensely, to fulfil my dream of migrating to Australia. Working with them made the entire experience smooth, which is why I also ended up working with VSA for my partners fiancé visa.

Anjali Rajshekhar

Faster than I expected thank you. I'm looking at flights to be back in Perth for sometime on Friday, will give you a definite once I've booked something. Thanks again.

David Hamilton

Thanks for your effort all. Cheers!


Thank you again for your excellent service and support. In my opinion you went above and beyond the norm.

Frank Zenke

Have arrived in Perth last week for my course. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for helping me getting the visa.

Elaine Lau

I would like to thank you deeply VSA for your help and effort...it was wonderful meeting you all and witnessing true professionals at work.

Mike CookVisa Solutions Australia

Thanks so much to the VSA team. You made us so happy.

Marites Wycoco

Thank you sooo much!!! Really appreciate it, you've done so well!!

Michael Huendlings

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